Medical Illustration Services

Medical Illustration

We produce medical illustrations for journal, book, slide, video, and internet distribution. Our range of media include traditional as well as digital artwork in color, tone, and line. We strive to provide our clients with effective, comprehensive, cost-conscious, and timely illustration services.

The quality and accuracy of our work comes from being a part of the world renowned resources of The Johns Hopkins University, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and affiliated institutions. As an academic department of the School of Medicine, our faculty of Certified Medical Illustrators (CMI) work with content experts in a wide range of medical specialties to create dynamic and educational illustrations.

Our list of illustration services include:

  • Surgical Illustration
  • Editorial Illustration
  • Biological Illustration
  • Molecular Illustration
  • Patient Education Illustration
  • Figures for Publication (Journals, Books, Posters, Brochures)

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We produce 2D and 3D animations and modeling. Animations can effectively communicate your research and clinical expertise to a wide variety of audiences. Our faculty will work with you to develop the script, voice over, storyboard, art assets, models and motion graphics to produce the animation(s) needed to tell your story.

Past projects have included, patient education, surgical techniques, medical device demos, and molecular and cellular mechanisms of action.
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Websites and Mobile Apps

Well-designed websites can describe your department, and communicate your research and clinical services to patients, colleagues and potential funders. Additionally, with our illustration and animation services, the content can be supplemented with clear and engaging visuals.

Our faculty will work with you to develop the site organization, design and functionality. We embrace the latest technology in content management systems. This allows us to build a robust site which we train you to easily update and maintain.

We collaborate with programmers and UX designers to produce impactful healthcare apps. View our gallery to see examples of recent projects.
See our Client Guide to answer questions our process. Contact us for a complimentary consult to discuss your web or mobile project.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design staff combines their design expertise and technical know-how, with years of experience, to create dynamic medical and scientific graphics for your presentation, publication, instructional, and promotional needs. Whatever your graphic communications project, large or small, simple or complex, let our designers assist you in developing a solution that delivers your message in a clear, concise, and attractive manner.

Our list of graphic design services include:

  • Event Posters
  • Brochures
  • Logo Design
  • Stationery and Business Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Certificates
  • Poster Sessions and Titles
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Diagrams
  • Cartoons
  • Patient Education Booklets
  • Slides and Slide Presentations
  • Large Exhibits and Displays

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3D Printing / Advanced 3D Technologies

We offer 3D printing and advanced 3D technology services in collaboration with the Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation.  3D printable models include:

•  Teaching models of anatomic, cellular and molecular structures

•  Surgical pre-planning models

•  Engineering prototypes

•  Custom printed lab devices 

•  Patient education models


Additional 3D advanced technology services include: preparing 3D files for 3D printing, 3D reconstruction of DICOM data sets, 3D animation, 3D scanning, and CAD 3D modeling. 

Additive manufacturing/3D printing services include hi-resolution multimaterial polyjet 3D printing using a Stratasys Objet 260 Connex3 printer. Material choices include rigid plastic in color (magenta, yellow, and cyan), white, black, clear transparent, and flexible material options (clear and black). These materials can be blended to obtain an even wider range of creative possibilities. In addition, we offer FDM 3D printing in PLA rigid plastic and flexible Ninja-flex material. 

The Stratasys 3D printer in the Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation was acquired through a grant sponsored by the JH Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR), a grateful donor, and the Department of Neurosurgery.  

Contact Juan Garcia in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine to discuss your project at

Facial Prosthetics

The Facial Prosthetics Clinic of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine works with patients to create custom-designed rehabilitative prostheses. These devices are used in the treatment of patients with disfigurements caused by trauma, cancer, or developmental circumstances. Prostheses are worn externally, on the skin surface, and typically secured through the use of adhesives or implants. Generally a prosthesis is made over the course of 3-4 office visits. The process involves the following steps: creating a casting of the affected area, sculpting a custom prosthesis out of wax, creating a mold of sculpted form, casting the final prosthesis in silicone, and externally painting to match patient’s skin tones.

To learn more about facial prosthetic cases, please visit the Facial Prosthetics Services page.
For more information or for referrals, contact us:
Juan R. Garcia, Facial Prosthetics Clinic
Department of Art as Applied to Medicine
1830 E. Monument Street, Suite 7000, Baltimore, MD 21287
Call (410) 955-3213, Fax (410) 955-1085
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