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May 30, 2017
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Sarah Chen and Li Yao Receive the 2016 Netter Awards

Li Yao and Sarah Chen accept the Netter award from Cory Sandone and David Rini

Li Yao and Sarah Chen accept the Netter awards from Cory Sandone and David Rini

This award, given by the family and friends of Dr. Netter, provides financial aid to students in the graduate program of medical and biological illustration. The 2016 winners of the Frank Netter Scholarship are Sarah Chen and Li Yao.

Congratulations Sarah and Li!

The Scholarship Fund recognizes Frank F. Netter’s legacy to medical art; his insistence on thoroughly understanding the subject matter and his high artistic standards. For many decades Frank Netter’s name has

been synonymous with medical illustration. Doctors, medical students, health-care providers, and curious patients have looked through copies of the CIBA Clinical Symposia for Netter’s illustrations providing sought-after information. Later, numerous bound volumes, the CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations, offered Netter’s works depicting both the anatomy and pathology of systems and organs.

New advances in medicine and technology challenge current illustrators to continue to explore innovative ways to communicate the medical sciences. Frank Netter lives on as an educator in the medical sciences and an inspiration to students developing the skills of medical illustrator.

Li and Sarah first learn they received the Netter Awards in December