Sample Portfolio

This portfolio is compiled from artwork of candidates who have been accepted into the program in the past. It is not designed to show the best work possible or a certain style, but rather to illustrate key points that are important to consider when submitting a portfolio for review by the department. Commentaries explain some of the key features being reviewed in each of the categories. This portfolio is divided into the following categories: General Drawing, Figure Drawing, Color Media, Graphic Design, and Digital Media.

General Drawing

General drawing is a category that demonstrates a wide variety of technique and styles. The main aspects are the understanding of light on form and the skill of direct observation from nature. This may range from landscape studies to still life, animal or plant subjects, and hand or foot studies.

Figure Drawing

Figure drawings are shown here as short poses or long poses. Short poses are demonstrations of quick gestural sketches from models ranging from 1 minute to 30 minute poses, to capture the essence of the figure mass and body gesture. The long pose is a demonstration of drawing skills that highlight more rendered and detailed figure drawings including faces, hands and feet. The average time being, 2-3 hours. The main aspects are the understanding of light on form and the skill of direct observation from the figure.
Portfolio minimum – 5 figures

Color Media

An accomplished use of transparent watercolor, opaque paint media, and colored pencil should be included. Landscape and still-life subject matter rendered in a representational manner should demonstrate accurately matched colors creating form and depth. The main aspects are the understanding of light on form and the skill of direct observation from nature. Medical subject matter should not be included.

Graphic Design

Layouts that integrate image and typography for a pre-selected format and audience. Client-oriented visual communication projects.
Portfolio minimum – 2 graphic design pieces

Digital Media

Demonstrates competency in use of digital media. Examples might include raster, vector, 2D or 3D. Subject matter for pieces in this category may overlap with all other categories.
Portfolio minimum – 2 digital media pieces

Additional Examples

Additional examples of artwork may be included to round out your presentation as an artist. Examples of art outside the required categories are not limited to but may include: photography, sculpture, functional art or mixed media. Please submit no more than 2 total pieces from this category in your portfolio.
Portfolio max – 2 examples outside portfolio categories

Admissions Portfolio Requirements

Admissions Portfolios should include:

  • 20 samples of artwork
  • Examples from all 5 Portfolio Categories
  • Minimum of 5 figure studies-
  • Minimum of 2 digital media pieces
  • Minimum of 2 graphic design pieces
  • Max of 2 examples outside the Portfolio Categories (e.g. sculpture, photography, multimedia presentation, fine art print)
  • Medical or anatomical subject matter should be excluded (See FAQs).

For more information on the science prerequisites and the full Admissions process, go to our Admissions page.

Link to submit your Portfolio and to complete your Applicant Profile:

Opens November 1st, Due January 15th.