Portfolio Guidelines

What to include in your portfolio:

The Admissions Committee is looking for excellent draftsmanship, good sense of realistic proportions, understanding light on form, ability to render various textures convincingly and ability to focus the viewer’s eye within a drawing. Realistic rendering of observed subject matter including life drawing, still life, landscape and portraits is encouraged.

:: 20 samples of artwork
:: Examples of all 5 required art categories: General Drawing, Figure Drawing, Graphic Design, Color Media, and Digital Media. (See Prerequisites or PDF Brochure)
:: A minimum of 5 figure studies.
:: A minimum of 2 digital media pieces (graphic design, illustration, or animation).
:: A maximum of 2 examples of art outside the required categories which may include: Sculpture, Fine Art Prints, Multimedia Presentations, or Photography.***
:: Medical or Anatomical subject matter should not be included. (See FAQs)
:: Only properly identified artwork will be reviewed.

***Categories of art not helpful to the Committee in predicting how successful a student will be in this career include: images drawn exclusively from photographic reference, abstract or non-representational art, collage, fantasy drawings, photography, non-representational sculpture, and functional art (fiber arts, pottery, etc). It is acceptable to include one or two examples in your portfolio to round out your presentation as an artist; however, these should not dominate your portfolio nor should they be substituted for the required categories such as life drawing.

When uploading your artwork, you will be asked to identify the following:
:: Title
:: Description
:: Medium / Software
:: Original size
:: Date of completion
:: Source – direct observation, photo reference, or both

Please submit images of the 20 samples of your artwork at a high resolution. A safe guideline is to make the largest dimension 1024 px. The Portfolio may include:

:: Images (max 5MB each): .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .bmp, or .tga
:: Videos (max 60MB): .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .flv, .asf, .mpeg, .mpg, .mkv
:: Documents (max 10MB): .pdf
:: Other formats (max 10MB): .zip, .psd, etc.
:: Linked Media: Vimeo or YouTube
Note: the Admissions Committee is interested in viewing artistic details and subtleties of your artwork. Therefore, you may wish to include an additional detail image of selected Portfolio art to enhance your submission. No more than 4 total detail images may be uploaded. Please make certain the detail files are of sufficient resolution, not simply re-sampled enlargements of the original.

Begin your SlideRoom Portfolio & Applicant Profile

Use the above link to submit a digital Portfolio along with an Applicant Profile beginning November 1st
The deadline is January 15th for enrollment the following August.

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