July 21, 2010

Student 2010 AMI Salon Awards

Instructional Tone AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Shizuka Aoki Trichiasis Surgery for Trachoma: New Instrumentation and Suture Technique to Improve Tarsal Rotation Procedure CERTIFICATE OF MERIT: Jodi Chapman Anatomy of the Purple Pincher Hermit Crab Coenobita clypeatus Instructional Line CERTIFICATE OF MERIT: Joe Samson Surgical Procedure for Partial Parotidectomy Instructional Color AWARD OF MERIT: Elizabeth Weissbrod Epiretinal Membrane Removal Editorial AWARD OF MERIT: Adam Pellerite Any Color You Like: Synaesthesia and the Processing of Sensory Modalities AWARD OF MERIT: Elizabeth Weissbrod Visualizing Plasmodium Interaction within the Mosquito Midgut Interactive Media AWARD OF MERIT: Jenny Wang Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatectomy
July 21, 2010

Professional 2010 AMI Salon Awards

Instructional Continuous Tone AWARD OF MERIT: Jennifer Fairman Thorascopic Repair of Esophageal Diverticulum Instructional Line CERTIFICATE OF MERIT: Tim Phelps Surgery for Ovarian Cancer Editorial AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Lydia Gregg Combined Endovascular and Surgical Treatment of AVMs AWARD OF MERIT: Graham Johnson Promiscuous Membrane Drug Transporters Provide Novel Pharmaceutical Targets AWARD OF MERIT: Jennifer Fairman Branched Tricarboxylic Acid Metabolism in the Plasmodium falciparum Medical-legal AWARD OF MERIT: Sarah Faris Jane Doe’s Open Skull Surgery Animation: Advertising/Marketing/Promotional AWARD OF MERIT: Donna DeSmet Bile Acids: From Cholesterol Homeostasis to Signaling Molecules in Metabolic Regulation Interactive Media CERTIFICATE OF MERIT: Daniel Muller New England Journal of Medicine Interactive Medical Cases
July 21, 2010

Gary Lees is the recipient of the 2010 Max Brodel Award for Excellence in Education

July 2010: Gary Lees, Chair of Art as Applied to Medicine and Director of the graduate program in Medical and Biological Illustration, was honored with the 2010 Brodel Award for Excellence in Education at the 65th meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators held in Portland, Oregon, for his outstanding contributions to the profession. He previously was the recipient of the Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. This award recognizes and honors a medical illustrator for outstanding educational contributions to the profession of Medical Illustration. Criteria include educational and/or administrative contributions to a graduate program and acting as a mentor to prospective students in Medical Illustration. The recipient should demonstrate a sustained contribution to education by presenting papers and workshops at regional and annual meetings and in print publications. Gary has been an active Professional Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) since 1971, was an inaugural Fellow of the AMI, Chair of the Board of Governors in 1983, President in 2000, and in 2003 received the Association’ s Lifetime Achievement Award. Currently he is the Co-editor of the Journal of Biocommunication and Chair of the AMI’ s Council on Education. Here Gary is seen with a group of former […]
May 31, 2010

Fatal Attraction Jenny Wang (09) Illustrates for National Geographic

Jenny Wang’s illustrations have been published in National Geographic Magazine! Fatal Attraction, an article on carnivorous plants, in the March 2010 issue of National Geographic Magazine by Carl Zimmer and photographs by Helen Schmitz also highlight illustrations by Jenny Wang, a 2009 graduate of our program. Prior to starting her position as an illustrator at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute in early August, Jenny was chosen as a summer intern at National Geographic. While there, she worked with the in-house design team and was assigned to illustrate the four unique and even innovative mechanisms by which carnivorous plants “lure insects into death traps, then gorge on their flesh.” Her beautiful illustrations telling the story appear on pages 86 and 87. Way to go Jenny! Read more at National Geographic
May 21, 2010

2010 Graduate Exhibition

The Class of 2010 graduate exhibition is on display in the Turner Concourse, 720 Rutland Avenue. Everyone is looking forward to the pre-graduation reception at the show on the evening of Wed May 26, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm. The artists include Shizuka Aoki, Beatriz Martin Villaba, Neil McMillan, Joe Sampson, Steph Sadler and Betsy Weissbrod. Hope to see you there!
May 21, 2010

Dr. Sarah Poynton named the 2010 The Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Awardee

May 2010: This year, the recipient of The Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award, for scholarly contributions to the advancement of art as applied to the medical sciences, is Sarah Louise Poynton. She holds a joint appointment as an Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology and in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. She received her PhD from the University of Southampton, England in Aquatic Parasitology in1985 followed by research and teaching at Oxford. She joined the Hopkins faculty in 1989 and is the sole provider of specialized parasitology research and diagnostic expertise for Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology, a long-standing collaborator with The National Aquarium in Baltimore, and a leading expert of fish parasitology around the world. However, Dr. Poynton is being honored for her important secondary expertise in teaching the skills of effective scientific writing and speaking. Her success in both her Departments has not only helped students become better scientific communicators, but also enabled them to enter their professional careers with confidence and a secure knowledge of their personal presentation skills. Dr. Poynton’s patience, understanding guidance, and mentorship have been tremendous assets to the curriculum of Art as Applied to Medicine and […]
May 21, 2010

Congratulations Class of 2010!

May 2010: Congratulations to Steph Sadler, Shikuka Aoki, Beatriz Martin-Villalba, MD, Joesph Samson, and Elizabeth Weissbrod on the occasion of their graduation. Each received their Master of Arts degrees in Medical and Biological Illustration from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Commencement took place at the Meyerhoff Theatre in Baltimore, MD. Congratulations to all 5 Graduates! We look forward to seeing what wonderful endeavors they face as they embark on their new careers.
March 21, 2010

Brent Whitaker, DVM, is the recipient of the Frank A. Gunther, Jr., Award

March 2010: Brent R. Whitaker, DVM, Director of Animal Health at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and Assistant Professor part-time in Art as Applied to Medicine, is the recipient of the Frank A. Gunther, Jr. Award. This prestigious award is given to the outstanding member of the National Aquarium in Baltimore in recognition of their commitment to excellence, dedication to building professional relationships, and enthusiasm for establishing educational collaborative efforts. As a specialist in a large variety of aquatic species, Brent has been able to offer stimulating projects that create real-life illustration experience for out graduate students. He is an excellent mentor and not only contributes the subject matter expertise but also has a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of good illustration in scientific publication. Dr. Whitaker’s initiative and leadership role in establishing this collaborative opportunity for our students to work with world-wide experts at the National Aquarium has also succeeded in advancing the mission of the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s scientific outreach for the past 20 years. It has provided an excellent learning experience for our students as well as unique visuals to help educate and publicize the Aquarium professionally.
March 21, 2010

Class of 2010: The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine congratulates 5 of its graduate students on their Vesalian Grants and Awards

March 2010: The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine congratulates 5 of its graduate students on their Vesalian Grants and Awards. Three of it’s 5 award recipeints will be presenting their original research at the 2010 Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference which will be held this summer in Portland, OR. We congratulate all of this year’s applicants and wish everyone success after graduation! This year’s JHU recipients are: INEZ DEMONET SCHOLAR: Shizuka Aoki ALAN COLE SCHOLAR: Neil McMillan Closing Gaps in Cleft Palate Reserach with 3D Visualization: Investigating Morphology to Improve Surgical Outcomes and Patient Education VESALIAN SCHOLARS: Shizuka Aoki Old Gaps, New Bridges: Visualizing the Dynamics of Planar Cell Polarity and its Impact on the Co-Occurance of Incomplete Midline Closures Elizabeth Weissbrod Visualizing Plasmodium Interaction with the Mosquito Midgut: Development of an Interactive Educational Module RESEARCH GRANT RECIPIENTS: Beatriz Martin-Villalba, MD The Role of TBGBeta Signaling Pathway in Pacreatic Cancer Progression as Discerned Through Rapid Autopsy: Creating a Bilingual Web-based Educational Program Joseph Samson Visualizing the Mechanisms of Tubulogenesis: Salivary Gland Morphogenesis of the Fruitfly, Drosophila malanogaster
March 1, 2010

2010 Johns Hopkins Medical School Research Day

Recent graduates of the Medical and Biological Illustration graduate program participated in the 2010 Johns Hopkins Medical School Research Day (MSRD). Poster sessions, interactive programs and animations of their thesis research were presented in the one-day research event held in the new Anne and Mike Armstrong Medical Education Building on Friday, February 26. The student projects included: Visualizing Quadrupedal Launch in Pterosaurs, by Julia Molnar; Improving Detection of Spina Bifida: A New Ultrasound Reference for Recognizing Ossification Centers by Inna-Marie Strazhnik; Interactive Teaching Modules For the Structure and Function of Hemoglobin: A New Approach to a Fundamental Protein, by Jared Travnicek; and Updating the Model of HIV: Visualizing the Role of Membrane Rafts, by Jenny Wang. These exciting topics drew a great deal of attention from all attending especially the interactive programs and animations. We are grateful for the support of Jamie Dy, for her effort in organizing the event, and of the Academic Computing Office, for providing on-site computers.
September 21, 2009

John Cody, MD, Donates Moth Paintings to Johns Hopkins

Dubbed the “Audubon of moths” for his prolific paintings of the Great Saturniid’s, John Cody is a true renaissance man. Prior to practicing psychiatry for 30 years, he trained under Ranice Crosby in 1950 as a medical illustrator in the Johns Hopkins Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. While he did not practice as a medical illustrator, his training at Hopkins continues to impact his paintings of the Saturniid moths in which John strives to show the beauty of all living creatures. Dr. Cody and his daughter Loren Shaiken have donated fifteen of these magnificent paintings to the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. They are currently on display in the new Wilmer Ophthalmology Robert H. and Clarice Smith Building on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. Dr. Cody and his three children, Loren, Andrea, and Graham, have donated his paintings to three separate institutions: The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland; The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation in Pittsburgh, PA; and The Sternberg Museum of the Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS. Dr. Cody is also the author of four biographies including After Great Pain: The […]
July 26, 2009

Professional 2009 AMI Salon Awards

Instructional Color CERTIFICATES OF MERIT: Ian Suk Combined Distraction/Compression Technique to Correct Extreme Basilar Invagination Fabian de Kok-Mercado Stanford En-Bloc Technique for Surgical Treatment of Unilateral Coronal Craniosynostosis Lydia Gregg Inferior Petrosal Sinus Sampling Instructional Continuous Tone Brödel AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Jennifer Fairman Laparoscopic Gastric Band Placement Instructional Line CERTIFICATE OF MERIT: Tim Phelps Robotic Endoscopic Prostate Surgery Editorial AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Cassio Lynm Vitamin D: More Than Skin Deep Advertising CERTIFICATE OF MERIT: Mark Lefkowitz The Phantom Medical-legal AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Sarah Faris Jane Doe’s Right Thumb Surgery Animation: Advertising/Marketing/Promotional AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Leanne Powell, Christian Rose, and John Dorn Hydrofiber Technology: Transforming Wound Care With Unique Dressing Technology Animation: Medical-legal CERTIFICATE OF MERIT: Matt Whitford, Duc Nguyen Cervical Transforaminal Epidural Injection