June 2, 2004

Joan Tycko Awarded Inez Demonet Scholarship

Most significant of all awards given by the Vesalius Trust is the Inez Demonet Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a student enrolled in a medical illustration graduate program who exhibits potential for making significant contributions to the field of medical communications. This very big order has been met and here at Johns Hopkins, we cheer the winner: Joan is the eighth Hopkins winner in the sixteen years of the Inez Demonet Scholarship Award. The award affirms the insightful thought given by Joan in all her endeavors. Her outlook respects dependable and convincing solutions. Yet, she anticipates forward-moving options; her own or others. Careful planning and impressive communication artistry has us expecting significant contributions from her. Everyone at Joan’s home is joyful, including her lawyer-husband and their little daughters, Serena and Arielle.
May 21, 2004

Another Trophy for Anne Altemus

Everyone will be pleased to learn that Anne was the recipient of the Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award, given in recognition of scholarly contributions made to the advancement of art as applied to the medical sciences. Hers was the 17th Crosby award given at the commencement ceremony of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, May 20, 2004. Anne is the Advocate par excellence for medical illustrators having trained for this career at Hopkins, earning her Master’s degree in 1990. Anne is now with the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications in their Audiovisual Program Development Branch; in Bethesda, Maryland. She is the development producer overseeing all project and program activities. And she is also a mentor directing five or six students, for various periods of time, who aspire to become medical (or scientific) illustrators. You realize that she is a very knowledgeable and busy woman. What will delight you is to hear that after receiving the Crosby Award she said, “It was a dream. I am brimming with JOY!”
July 25, 2003

Neil Hardy Brödel Award for Educational Contributions

The nitty-gritty of this award is to honor a medical illustrator for long-term outstanding educational contributions to the profession of medical illustration. Without a doubt, Neil has bolstered the business and ethical reputation of both the AMI and its individual members throughout his career. His sample job contract and his leadership support of free-lance proprietorship have rung the Liberty Bell. Neil has been tireless in his committee work to assure that graduate programs of medical illustration meet accreditation requirements. Better yet, as an instructor in Molecular Illustration as well as Business Practices at Hopkins, Neil has guided his students through the trials and tribulations of such courses with a hearty cheer of fellowship. Alas! Why ever have you left all this for retirement?
July 21, 2003

Gary Lees Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

The AMI Lifetime Achievement Award to GARY P. LEES This charismatic man at age 22 graduated from Tulane University (BS) and the University of Houston (Fine Arts) with good grades and goals established. With a vivacious bride by his side, he entered the graduate program in medical illustration at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. In 1969, at the right date and time, he donned his Master’s duds, was hooded and shook hands with the Dean. In 1970, Gary’s future opened with two exciting pathways; he joined the Hopkins medical illustration faculty, and he became an active member of the AMI. And so, this cheerful, enthusiastic, optimistic young man started on his lifetime of achievements. His accomplishments, fraught at times with anxiety, were positive advancements in all aspects of the profession. An accounting is vast and, as listed without specific dates (sometimes repeated or extended) is awesome. Medical Illustrator, JHH Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute Director, JHMI Audio-Visual and Graphic Arts Division Chairman & Director, JHMI Dept. of Art as Applied to Medicine Co-Host & Program Chair AMI Annual Meetings 1977, 1999 Board of Governors, Chair AMI Parliamentarian, AMI Council on Education, Chair AMI Fellow, AMI 1988 Bylaws, Chair AMI Treasurer, […]
May 23, 2002

Ranice Crosby receives Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters

On May 23, 2002 Edward Miller, Dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, read the following citation as he awarded Ranice this honorary degree: The pioneering Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins has had only four directors. For forty of its ninety-one years, that director was a venerated teacher and extraordinary artist named Ranice Winifred Crosby. You were just twenty-seven, three years into your career, when the dean Alan Chesney, asked you to lead Art as Applied to Medicine. Over the decades that followed, you have been a guiding force in the department and an inspiration for the entire profession of medical illustration. You ensured the department’s future by establishing its first accredited graduate degree program in 1958. You kept alive the legacy of its legendary founder, Max Brödel, co-authoring his biography. You established an archive featuring his work and that of other pioneers. An excellent artist from the first, you have pushed to advance your field not only in artistic proficiency but also in its value as a scholastic complement to the medical sciences. In gratitude, the Association of Medical Illustrators, which you helped create and led for many years, gave you its […]