Medical Illustration

We produce medical illustrations for journal, book, slide, video, and internet distribution. Our range of media include traditional as well as digital artwork in color, tone, and line. We strive to provide our clients with effective, comprehensive, cost-conscious, and timely illustration services.

The quality and accuracy of our work comes from being a part of the world renowned resources of The Johns Hopkins University, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and affiliated institutions. As an academic department of the School of Medicine, our faculty of Certified Medical Illustrators (CMI) work with content experts in a wide range of medical specialties to create dynamic and educational illustrations.

Our list of illustration services include:

  • Surgical Illustration
  • Editorial Illustration
  • Biological Illustration
  • Molecular Illustration
  • Patient Education Illustration
  • Figures for Publication (Journals, Books, Posters, Brochures)

Go to our Client Guide or contact us for a complimentary consult to discuss your illustration project.