ME:120.813 :: Independent Study

Course Description

Offered: 2nd Year Elective
Instructors: Corinne Sandone, Associate Professor, Lead Instructor
Gary P. Lees, Professor
Timothy H. Phelps, Professor
Ian Suk, Professor
Jennifer Fairman, Associate Professor
Juan Garcia, Associate Professor
David A. Rini, Associate Professor

Credits: 1 Credit: 2 Lecture hours and 2 Studio hours per session

Conceptualization of scientific information and application to problem solving assignments.

Course Objectives

Students may arrange independent study with a faculty member with the approval of the Director and scheduled during any quarter of the second year as an overload. Sandone and faculty.


  • Department resources
  • SOM resources
  • Course Assignments
  • Independent study with a faculty member with the approval of the Director

Course Evaluation

  • 1:1 faculty-student interface
  • Individual critiques
  • Single project evaluation form
  • Final grade


Three half days per week.

All students with disabilities who require accommodations for this course should contact Catherine L. Will, Disability Services Coordinator for Graduate Biomedical Education ( or 410-614-3781) at their earliest convenience to discuss their specific needs. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive.


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