ME:120.757 :: Scientific Communication

Course Description

Offered: 2nd Year
Instructors: Sarah L. Poynton, PhD, Associate Professor
Credits: 1 credit

Principles of effective oral and written scientific presentation skills. Exercises include a grant proposal, oral presentations and review of publications

Course Objectives

  • Orientation to the principles and practices of scientific investigation – with emphasis on the creative aspect of science.
  • Review the elements of scientific investigation – experimentation, chance, hypothesis, imagination, intuition, reason, observation, difficulties, strategy, personal, scientists.
  • Introduction to library skills and literature searching.
  • Examination of critical thinking.
  • Planning and organizing your time.
  • Identifying the elements of good scientific writing.
  • Understanding the steps in producing a paper for publication.
  • Critical review of scientific papers.


  • Department library
  • Welch Medical Library
  • Course handouts

Course Assignments


Course Evaluation

  • 1:1 faculty – student interface
  • Critical review critique
  • Written assignment graded
  • Oral presentation graded
  • Final grade


See Departmental Calendar for the 2nd year students.

All students with disabilities who require accommodations for this course should contact Catherine L. Will, Disability Services Coordinator for Graduate Biomedical Education ( or 410-614-3781) at their earliest convenience to discuss their specific needs. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive.


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