ME:120.754 :: Research & Thesis

Course Description

Offered: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarters, Second Year
Instructors: Corinne Sandone, Associate Professor, Lead Instructor
Gary Lees, Professor
Timothy H. Phelps, Professor
Jennifer Fairman, Associate Professor
Juan Garcia, Associate Professor
Sarah Poynton, Associate Professor
David Rini, Associate Professor
Lydia Gregg, Assistant Professor

Credits: 10 credit hours:
1st Quarter: 1 Lecture hour and 3 Studio hours per week
2nd Quarter: 3 Lecture hours and 24 Studio hours per week
3rd Quarter: 3 Lecture hours and 20 Studio hours per week

Original investigation with expository illustrations (may include 3-D instructional model, computer visualized images, animated sequence, interactive module, etc) completed under a University approved faculty preceptor and department faculty advisor. All work complies with University research, publication, copyright, and patent policy.

Course Objectives

Discuss accumulative literature relative to the thesis topic. Use cataloging and retrieval systems of a library as well as technical aids in bibliographic searches. Evaluate a model program or instructional sequence for its educational value. Produce a written thesis according to the prescribed University format; provide needed copies, produce accompanying documents; and deliver all by the final date set by the University. Select the most appropriate form(s) for illustrative components and prepare all visual material in accordance with best practice reproduction requirements.


  • Medical school, clinical subspecialty, department, and University libraries; private library sources; and interlibrary loan systems.
  • Preceptor and advisor expertise.
  • Facilities and materials, and equipment provided by preceptor and/or department; outside sources are arranged as needed.
  • Scholarship awards, when available.

Course Assignments

Each student-preceptor-advisor team arranges individually according to project.

Course Evaluation

  • 1:1 faculty-student interface
  • Scheduled preceptor-student and preceptor-advisor meetings
  • Discussion of student’s own work from media courses
  • Preceptor’s letter of thesis acceptance
  • Thesis review by the School of Medicine MA-PhD Committee and Graduate Board
  • Final grade


See Departmental Calendar for 2nd year students

View Samples Thesis Projects

All students with disabilities who require accommodations for this course should contact Catherine L. Will, Disability Services Coordinator for Graduate Biomedical Education ( or 410-614-3781) at their earliest convenience to discuss their specific needs. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive.


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