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March 15, 2017
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April 4, 2017

Juan García Speaks at 3D Medical Applications Conference

Faculty member Juan García will be presenting at the 3D Medical Applications Conference in Baltimore, Maryland to be held March 30 – 31, 2017.  Juan incorporates both 3D traditional and digital media and represents collaborations with physician colleagues across several areas of subspecialties. His research interests include the incorporation of 3D digital workflows, including: 3D stereophotogrammetry, laser scanning, reconstruction of DICOM datasets, virtual surgical planning and navigation, digital sculpting, and 3D printing.

Juan Garcia provides some finishing touches to a prosthetic ear in his workshop here on the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine campus

Applications of 3D Technologies in Medical Art

Juan’s talk explores the medical use of 3D technologies including: digital sculpting, photogrammetry, and laser scanning in clinical anaplastology, medical 3D printing, and simulation. He will be speaking on Thursday, March 30 at 2:30pm.

For more information, go to 3D Medical Applications Conference site.

For more information about the work of Juan Garcia, visit our Prosthetic Services and Clinical Anaplastology Training Program pages.