The Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award

Ranice W. Crosby

Ranice Crosby


The first woman to head a department in the School of Medicine, Ranice W. Crosby held the post of Director for 40 years, 1943 to 1983. Even after stepping down, she continued teaching until 2006. Just as important was her dedication to preserving and maintaining the massive Brödel archives, perhaps the finest collection of medical illustrations in the world. Under Ranice’s leadership, the certificate program in medical and biological illustration was elevated to a Master of Art’s graduate degree in 1961.

Ranice’s contributions to the field were further recognized by the Association of Medical Illustrators, an association she helped found, with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 1987. In 1974, she earned an M.L.A. from Johns Hopkins, and in 2002, Hopkins bestowed her with a Doctorate of Humane Letters honoris causa.

She considered her own strengths as an artist to be in the areas of draftsmanship, optical realism, portraiture, and critical judgment. A superb artist and teacher extraordinaire, “She had a great eye for detecting a problem in a sketch or illustration and how to fix it,” said Cory Sandone. Chairman Gary Lees remarked, “Working side by side with her for thirty-five years, no other individual provided more to enhance and advance the art and science of Medical Illustration than Ranice.”

The Award



In recognition of her outstanding service to Johns Hopkins and medical illustration, generous contributions of alumni, faculty, and friends led to the striking of a medallion in 1986. The Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award medallion for scholarly contributions to the advancement of art as applied to the sciences is presented at the School of Medicine Convocation to those who best exemplify her ideals.

The Recipients

We are honored to recognize the distinguished recipients of this award:

Elizabeth H. Brödel
May, 1987 (posthumously)

Leon Schlossberg
May 26, 1988

Grover M. Hutchins, M. D.
May 25, 1989

Octavia Garlington, Professor
Medical College of Georgia
May 24, 1990

Neil O. Hardy, Assistant Professor
Medical Art JHU ’58
Dedicated Alumnus
May 23, 1991

Phillip Rand Brown, D.V.M.
May 24, 1993

Gerald P. Hodge, JHU 1949
Professor Emeritus
Medical & Biological Illustration
University of Michigan
May 26, 1994

Robert J. Demarest
Consummate Professional
Medical Illustrator
May 25, 1995

Craig G. Gosling, CMI, FAMI,
May 22, 1996

Michael J. Ackerman, Ph.D.
Visible Human Project
May 20, 1998

Donald A. B. Lindberg, M.D.
Visible Human Project
May 20, 1998

Edith Tagrin
Medical Illustrator
May 27, 1999

Howard C. Bartner
Ideal Medical Illustrator
and Alumnus
May 24, 2000

Rosa Laird McDonald
Friend * Advocate
May 24, 2001

James Earl King Hildreth
Trusted Student Counselor and
Mentor Extraordinaire
May 23, 2002

Alice J. Lippson
Alumna, cum laude
May 22, 2003

Anne Reed Altemus
Advocate par excellence
May 20, 2004

Elaine R. S. Hodges
Scientific Illustrator
Pioneering Founder
May 25, 2006

Margot B. Mackay
Enthusiastic Mentor
Dedicated Educator
May 17, 2007

Alice A. Katz, Ph.D.
May 22, 2008

Nancy McCall, M.L.A.
Preserver of
Hopkins History
May 22, 2009

Sarah Poynton, Ph.D.
Dedicated Mentor
May 27, 2010

Ralph H. Hruban, M.D.
Friend, Advocate
& Mentor
May 24, 2011

Dean Edward D. Miller, M.D.
Dedicated Leader
and Advocate
May 24, 2012

Miguel A. Schön Ybarra, Ph.D.
Preeminent Anatomist, Friend
and Colleague
May 24, 2012

John Cody, M.D.
Dedicated Alumnus
May 23, 2013

Phillippe Gailloud, M.D.
Dedicated Mentor
May 21, 2015