The Frank H. Netter, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Frank H. Netter, M.D.



The name of Frank H. Netter, M.D. is recognized by generations of medical illustrators, healthcare professionals, and physicians from around the world. His superb artistic talent and his ability to distill complex concepts into effective didactic illustrations distinguishes Frank H. Netter as one of the most noted figures in contemporary medical education. His legacy of over 4,000 images and dozens of books, remains an indispensable part of contemporary medical literature. Dr. Netter’s success as a medical illustrator is a result both of his high artistic standards and his insistence on thoroughly understanding his subject matter – the human body. These are the very traits that form the cornerstone of educating tomorrow’s medical illustrators.

The Award


Family, colleagues, and friends of Dr. Netter established this scholarship to recognize a student in the graduate program of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine within the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The Graduate Program promotes the ideals of Frank H. Netter by encouraging its students to pursue the highest possible artistic and academic standards. Since its inception, the Program has fostered artistic creativity, problem solving, and the investigation of new advances in medical science and visual technologies. Hopkins graduates have advanced medical education through their scientific knowledge and artistic talent for over 100 years.

Recipients of this award display a balance of medical and scientific knowledge with the artistic skills that Dr. Netter exhibited throughout his career. Art as Applied to Medicine is proud to join with the Netter family to ensure “the tradition of excellence” continues.

The Recipients

Tiffany J. Glass – 2004
Kimberly M. Knoper – 2005
Lydia J. Gregg – 2006
Ikumi Kayama – 2007
Julia L. Molnar – 2008
Shizuka N. Aoki – 2009
Jodi E. Chapman – 2010
Bricelyn H. Strauch – 2010
Elizabeth Cook – 2011
Amy Dixon – 2012
Veronica Falconieri – 2013
Michael Silver – 2013
Jeffrey H. Day – 2014
Laura Roy – 2015
Sarah Chen – 2016
Li Yao – 2016
Lauren Rakes – 2017