The Chester Reather Scholarship

Chester Reather

smallreather at microscope


An internationally renowned biomedical photographer, Chester F. Reather was a part of Hopkins for over 50 years. At the age of 28, Chester began taking pictures with Osbourne Heard, the photographer with the Carnegie Institute of Embryology (at Hopkins). Soon Chester’s magnified scientific images set a standard for medical and biological photographs around the world. Much of his most famous work appeared in the popular press.

In the 1940’s, magazines like Life, Time and Fortune ran photographic essays of his images of the developing human embryo. For the first time, the public was able to see the fetus as it developed. Even the Encyclopedia Britannica utilized his powerful black and white images to depict the beginning of human life. His work appeared in many textbooks authored by Hopkins physicians. As a founding member of the Biological Photographers Association, he trained many who later became distinguished members.

The Award

The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine is most grateful for scholarship funds providing financial support for a graduate student whose advanced work or thesis stimulates innovative research and creative use of new imaging modality.

The Recipients

Ethan M. Tyler – 2005
Devon Nykaza – 2006
Fabian de Kok Mercado – 2007
Jared O. Travnicek – 2008
Neil P. McMillan – 2009
Bona Kim – 2010
Wenjing Wu – 2011
Amy Dixon – 2012
James Abraham – 2013
Mesa Schumacher – 2014
Laura Roy – 2015
Daniel Hermansen – 2016