Scholarships & Endowments

Substantial Department scholarship funds provide tuition support to all students. Additional financial aid, awarded on the base of need, consists of Department and University loan funds as well as loans from outside lenders (under Federal loan programs). Students are encouraged to apply for graduate student loan support. The Financial Aid Office of the Medical School certifies the eligibility of students for the Federal loan programs.

School of Medicine Financial Aid (410) 955-1324
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Financial considerations are confidential and individually determined, and do not influence admissions decisions.


  • The W. B. Saunders Company Fellowship in Art as Applied to Medicine This fellowship was established in 1964 in honor of Lawrence Saunders upon his retirement after 50 years of distinguished leadership in medical publishing.
  • The William P. Didusch Scholarship and Loan Fund An endowment for student tuition support in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine was established in 1973 with a generous gift from Mr. Didusch. A significant contribution was added to this Fund from the estate of Bertha M. Trott whose death in 1973 ended a life filled with dedication and service to urologists at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere. Memorial contributions from friends and colleagues have been added to this Fund since the death of William P. Didusch in 1981.
  • The Kathleen Mackay Powell Memorial FundAn endowment to assist and benefit students in the field of medical illustration given in memory of Kathleen Mackay Powell who studied in the department (1930-31) under Max Brödel.
  • The Elinor Widmont Bodian Scholarship in Medical Art This scholarship fund was established in 2000 by Mrs. Bodian and her family to provide financial assistance to students in Medical Illustration.
  • The Leon Schlossberg Scholarship FundThis scholarship was established in 1999 in memory of Leon Schlossberg’s lifetime association as a medical illustrator for the Department of Surgery and faculty member in Art as Applied to Medicine.
  • The Chester Reather Scholarship in Art as Applied to Medicine An endowment established in Art as Applied to Medicine in honor of Chester Reather’s distinguished career as a medical photographer and research associate at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. This fund is used to reward a graduate student with a scholarship for innovative research and creative use of new imaging technology. See more on this scholarship.
  • The Frank H. Netter, M.D. Memorial Scholarship in Medical Art Frank. H. Netter, M.D. is known world-wide as a medical illustrator who could distill complex medical subject matter into clear, effective teaching images. Dr. Netter was not only a skilled draftsman, but knowledgeable in anatomy, physiology, and pathology through his medical training. Family and friends established this scholarship to recognize a student in Art as Applied to Medicine who displays a similar balance of medical and scientific knowledge with the artistic skills that he exhibited throughout his career. Winners of this award have excelled in their academic courses; displayed exceptional art expression; and most importantly utilized both resources to create well designed and effective didactic illustrations. See more on this scholarship.
  • The Gwynne M. Gloege Scholarship Fund in Medical Art This scholarship fund was established in 2004 by Gwynne Gloege (JHU ’56) to provide financial assistance to medical art students. Financial aid and scholarships are awarded to students within the program based on financial need and academic performance.
  • The Ranice W. Crosby Student Scholarship Fund

Awards, Lectureship, and Support

  • The Annette S. Burgess Award The alumni of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine contribute funds each year which provide for an annual award given to the student whose ophthalmological illustration is outstanding.See more on this award.
  • The Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award Through the generosity of alumni, colleagues, and friends, a medallion honoring Ranice W. Crosby, Director of Art as Applied to Medicine from 1943 to 1983, is awarded for scholarly contributions to the advancement of art as applied to the medical sciences. The recipient is selected by a committee at intervals of from one to three years. See more on this award.
  • The Samson Feldman Visiting Scholar in Art as Applied to Medicine Rossetta A. and Sadie B. Feldman, sisters of Samson Feldman, established a visiting lectureship to honor his life as an artist and lifelong patron of the arts. Lecturers are selected from distinguished scholars in visual communications with the purpose of presenting contemporary views pertaining to medical art. The selection of lecturers are made by a committee representing the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine.
  • The James M. and Carolyn H. Phelps FundSupport for the preservation and care of the Max Brödel Archives. This fund was established in memory of their parents by the Phelps family.