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May 21, 2013
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September 10, 2013

Dr. John Cody named the 2013 The Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Awardee

2013CodyCrosbyAwardMay 2013: On May 23 at the annual Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Convocation Dr. John Cody received the Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award recognizing him a distinguished Hopkins alumnus.

Dubbed the “Audubon of moths” for his prolific paintings of the Great Saturniid’s, John Cody is a true renaissance man. Prior to practicing psychiatry for 30 years, he trained under Ranice Crosby in 1950 as a medical illustrator in the Johns Hopkins Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. While he did not practice as a medical illustrator, his training at Hopkins continues to impact his paintings of the Saturniid moths in which John strives to show the beauty of all living creatures.

Dr. Cody is also the author of four biographies including After Great Pain: The Inner Life of Emily Dickinson; The Life and Times of Wagner; Max Brödel: The Man Who Put Art in Medicine (co-authored with Ranice Crosby); and Ranice W. Crosby: A Tribute to Fifty Years of Teaching.