Degree Requirements


  • A candidate’s period of attendance in the program will be no less than 18 months. Transfer graduate students must register a minimum of two consecutive semesters as full time residents.
  • Certification by the Department Chair that all requirements have been fulfilled.


  • Each candidate must successfully complete all courses offered, and must submit a thesis on a subject approved by the Department Director. The completed thesis must be approved by a university qualified preceptor as worthy of acceptance in partial fulfillment of requirements for the M.A. degree. The candidate’s standing will be reviewed by the Committee on M.A. and Ph.D. Programs before being recommended for degree.
  • Students who receive three unsatisfactory grades may be dropped from the program. Students who receive more than six credits with grades of C or lower are placed on academic probation.
  • Students must satisfactorily complete courses in Human Anatomy offered by Functional Anatomy & Evolution; Biophysics and Cell Physiology of the Scientific Foundations of Medicine curriculum, and Pathology for Graduate Students offered by the Department of Pathology.
  • Students must outline their thesis research and consult with their preceptor by the first quarter of the second year. The thesis will include original investigation with expository illustrations or sculpture (3D modeling, animation, web interface or equivalents).