Client Guide

Contacting us:

For a free consultation, please feel free to contact us by phone 410-955-3213 or email

You may also request more information.

Planning your project – what information to gather

Any resources that can be provided will assist the artists in the creation of your artwork including your quick and rough sketches, abstracts and other written text, printed or web-linked copies of images similar in nature to your concept. These materials can be brought to the consultation meeting for discussion and clarification.

How we work

Every project starts with a consultation at no cost by phone, email or in person in order to assess the prospective project requirements and the client’s interests and preferences. Consultation components range from subject-matter, budget, and deadline, to the usage, quantity, style and technique of the art or design work itself. Based upon these factors, an estimate is written and a price quote is negotiated and agreed upon.

That’s when AAM hits the drawing board. Sketches are drawn and discussed via phone, fax, email or personal contact, depending on the project. Agreed upon revisions are produced before final artwork is submitted for a project.

Johns Hopkins Clients: For internal clients, an eight-digit SAP budget or grant number is requested along with the name, address and phone number for the administrator for department-to-department electronic billing.

External Clients: For external clients, those not affiliated with Johns Hopkins, the medical illustrator will ask for the following: Client’s Name and Title, E-mail Address, Street Address (building, city, state, zip, country), Telephone Number, Administrative Assistant (name and contact info).

Invoices will be mailed or e-mailed to the client and/or Administrative Assistant. Payment will be sent to the appropriate location, which will be written/typed on the invoice.
Make checks payable to Johns Hopkins University.

Deadlines and time schedule

The specific needs of the client dictate how long a project takes. The greater the subject complexity, intricacy, and number of images, the longer it will take for us to complete to your satisfaction. Simple illustrations can take just days while more complex projects can take weeks or months. AAM always provides a schedule and time estimate along with its price estimate, and always strives to deliver its services on or ahead of time and on-budget.

Copyright information and intellectual property

All images created for our clients belong to Johns Hopkins. Copyright is the main vehicle for assuring that that artwork created here at Johns Hopkins retains the ownership and rights of the institution.

Thus, to protect you, our client, and Johns Hopkins University, we copyright our work and take additional steps to prevent unauthorized distribution of that material. We provide the appropriate license agreements for our clients to use the images for teaching and publication.

We encourage you to view our portfolio and the samples of work. Contact us to discuss your needs.